Two stylish sisters

I’d like to introduce you to two stylish sisters who are very dear to my heart. Becca is my sister-in-law: an amazing mother, artist, creator, and inspiration based in New York. She runs Little Otto Shop (named after my sweet potato nephew), where she sells quirky, gorgeous handmade jewelry and accessories. Becca is always creating and dreaming up new products in the midst of her busy life, and she you’ll never see her in an outfit that’s anything less than brilliant.

Natalia is an incredible professional photographer and gifted story-teller—see her work at TaliaStudio, based in San Diego, California—who juggles being a super-mom (her two little ones are gems, to say the least, destined for a stylish future of their own) with producing dreamy, timeless photos of her clients, and running her business like a champ.

It’s an honor to see them wearing Bombay Mermaid on their joint blog, The Sister Files. See more of these outfits here and here.

talia-bombay-mermaid-01 talia-bombay-mermaid-02

Pictured on Talia: top and harem pants from the 2014 runway resort collection

becca-bombay-1 becca-bombay-2

Pictured on Becca: dress from the 2013 collection and features textiles sourced in Arequipa Peru, with a hand-finished hem

Love these ladies.



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