Behind the scenes…

Behind the scenes at the Bombay Mermaid summer 2013 lookbook shoot. Stunningly beautiful women from every walk of life coming together to realize one exciting vision. SO much love for these ladies, and everyone involved.  Shop the pieces in the shoot at Bombay Mermaid.

483892_642984702394763_45659008_n 564690_642985142394719_1995812113_n 536442_642985009061399_990553810_n 536533_642984695728097_253498803_n 540761_642984825728084_581860988_n 72656_642985075728059_1173458532_n 482308_642984705728096_967448708_n 529237_642985122394721_1238157369_n 535949_642985372394696_1154422421_n 577518_642985479061352_1435578209_n 555934_642985355728031_1075527270_n 577518_642985505728016_1295113488_n 59220_642985622394671_488636186_n 64096_642985719061328_1191000721_n 564619_642985932394640_121489551_n 7608_642986002394633_1527617117_n 5581_642986062394627_61152336_n 526614_642986102394623_1779597470_n 563599_642986179061282_1165376247_n 561869_642986262394607_685118885_n 602250_642986332394600_152005007_n 536426_642986369061263_680015156_n 482768_642986409061259_1312954512_n


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