Behind the scenes…

Fabric research has begun! Love treasure hunting in the garment district for gems and weave them into something beautiful. Some swatches collected today are below. Stay tuned and see what they’ll transform into…

431594_401564169870152_159160513_n 423983_401563569870212_409216200_n 431668_401563789870190_1051154459_n 418423_401563813203521_693270234_n 420998_401563649870204_750200236_n 425309_401563709870198_888996934_n 420502_401563603203542_890979969_n 432249_401564009870168_1108539055_n 428724_401564046536831_2125785981_n 418423_401564076536828_33384414_n 430506_401564106536825_532344928_n

Bombay Mermaid Trading Co., launching December 2013.

Note to subscribers: Backdated entry.


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